Ainslie Arts Centre

Ainslie Arts Centre

BUILDER/PARTNERS / FM Projects P/L (Projex Building)
CONSULTANTS / John Raineri & Associates P/L Consulting Engineers
CATAGORY / Commercial 

Ainslie Art Centre consists of in general terms, offices, classrooms, halls and store rooms. Ainslie Art Centre is one storey building Heritage Listed Building.

Description of works included as per the following:

  • New DB- 2 including submains, cable supports.
  • General lighting including luminaires and controls with switches, time delay switches and motion detectors.
  • general power distribution including general purpose outlets (GPOs) and permanent connection outlet for the mechanical unit.
  • Installation of inground floor box’s including cable pathways.
  • New security sensors within each class room providing a new expander for the security system.
  • 18 RU wall mounted communications cabinets, FOBOTs, multimode fibre optic, fibre optic LC type connectors, patch panels, high band modules, category 6A outlets, and ancillary equipment. Category 6A communications outlets and horizontal cabling communications system from communications cabinet to telecommunications outlets.